Board Development

Boards of Management are key to the success of any not for profit organisation. In the YMCA, local Boards of Management provide governance and oversight to the organisation. Each Board is represented on the National Council of YMCA’s through 2 members, elected every 3 years.

Boards ensure that each YMCA is governed according to their constitution. They also ensure that all the legal requirements of being a not for profit institution are rigourously adhered to. For example, every YMCA has its financial records audited every 12 months. Those financial records are submitted to the YMCA National office as part of their requirement to be a Chartered YMCA. The maintenance and integrity of these financial records is ultimately the responsibility of the Board.

Currently there are 8 Chartered YMCA’s in SA.

The role of a Board is generally as follows;

  1. Determine the Mission and Purpose of the YMCA
  2. Select the CEO
  3. Support and Evaluate the CEO
  4. Ensure effective planning
  5. Monitor and strengthen programmes and services
  6. Ensure adequate financial resources
  7. Protect assets and provide financial oversight
  8. Build a competent Board
  9. Ensure legal and ethical integrity
  10. Enhance the organisation’s public standing

A local Board should pay attention to these 10 basic responsibilities to ensure the sustainability and health of their organisation.