Marching For Jobs?

While political parties fight over which street to march in, and squabble over whose job manifesto is better, the YMCA is busy training young volunteers for a brilliant new project. TEEEP (The economic and entrepreneurial education programme) will develop skills in young learners from grades 4-6 that will enable them to become an employer of other young people.

In partnership with The Northern Illinois University, the SA YMCA is piloting a new curriculum with the aim of mainstreaming it into the education system within 3 years. With unemployment among young girls as high as 75% in some areas, this is a critical intervention that will impact many lives in the future. Interesting note is that the SA YMCA, along with Soweto and Greater Durban YMCA has committed to this project with zero funding.

NIU has provided funding for training but ongoing costs are currently covered by internally generated funding. Talks are underway with at least 1 major donor/partner.

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