Rufus Laverlott (1981 – 2014)

The SAYMCA family has been saddened by the death of one of our promising young leaders within the YMCA movement, Rufus Laverlott, at the age of 33. Rufus died tragically from a train related accident this past weekend.

Rufus got involved in the YMCA as a volunteer of the Cape Town YMCA through their Youth Justice Programme. He was one of the pioneers of the current national Y-Justice programme, having been a key participant in development of the current strategy. Having shown commitment and love for the YMCA, he was elected in September 2012 National Council as a Youth representative to the SAYMCA National Executive Committee. He experienced a number of personal challenges and temporarily opted to withdraw his participation in the movement, earlier this year.

We are extremely saddened that the life of this committed YMCA leader was cut short.

Please remember his family in your prayers, as well as Cape Town YMCA staff and volunteers.

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